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Clothing, Gear, Swag, or whatever you want to call it:snowmobile mobile, Jackets,

Again, it good to know the weather, it’s easier to over dress and remove as the day goes on. Everyone has their own style and with all the products it’s easy to turn it into a fashion show. But I’ll start with the basics and we’ll go from there. Now I don’t want to turn this page into a sales page, but on another page I’ll recommend some products. On this page is just one box with an item for sale and I’ll try to keep that updated with something new weekly or bi-weekly.


I ride more in the mountains, aka off trail so I like lighter gear. Adjust for you.


  • Jackets: The coat I wear is just a shell. It’s cool when it has a spring liner on the inside but when you take out the liner the coat seem bulkier/big. Nine times out of ten all I wear is a long sleeve t-shirt and if I get cold I close the vents.
  • Helmet: I wear an open-face carbon fiber helmet. They have gotten pretty cheap and I like the visibility and being able to change the goggles lens for different situations (example: yellow lens for night). If it does not have a quick release I always add one. No matter what kind of riding you do, the lighter the helmet the better so it does not take a toll on your neck after riding for hours.
  • Goggles: I have a couple of goggles I carry. I spent some time play with a combination that work for me. If you have a good seal on your helmet, or in the off trail world no seal, your goggles should not fog. I carry two pair with when I go out. One pair of goggles has a camera in it and has an amber lens. Those are a bigger goggle and work great all the time. They seal the helmet in the cold and during the day and night that lens always brings out the best contours. Plus, I can record my riding all day. The second are easy to change from day to night lens. They are lighter and let a little air through on warmer days.
  • Snow Pants or bibs: I like snow pants over bibs – light the better.  There are many out there and for me I look at weight, vent and/or breathable. Now when buying a coat with snow pants you need to make sure the coat’s a little longer. Pockets are nice, but placement of pocket are important. I recommend putting your wallet in and trying some squats, bending and some twisting.
  • Boots: Boots are very important. I can tell you many stories of cold, wet and frozen feet. I never go cheap on boots. With the coat, pants and helmet, you can wear more and remove layers as needed. The boots I have are probably the best on the market and don’t go with my light theme. But they keep your feet warm and if your feet sweat a lot they will dry as the day goes on. This is important if you ride day after day. No one wants to put on wet boots from the day before.
  • Under-layers: Just look for breathable items and wear as many layer as needed that doesn’t compromise mobility.
  • Gloves: I probably have about 10 pairs of gloves. I like to carry at least three when riding. I like light and medium thickness gloves. I wear one pair to begin my ride and when they get wet or I get to the trees I will put on some lighter gloves. And one pair to get back home.

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