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avalanche, mountain safety What To Bring With You

There are many item and I don’t know if you can ever carry everything you need. One never knows, What happens on the mountain never stays on the mountain. See my other pages for more info  Snowmobile Basic, Snowmobile Clothing and Accessories.

I like stay light, but still have a good number of items to take on most situation. Unlike most trail riding there no easy way to tow to the road and pick up the sled. I’ll give a list of basic, and hopefully it helps.  There are many backpack on the market. I don’t think you can go wrong by having one or two.It depends on what you need to carry. I have a avi pack, and medium size pack. Both which let you carry a shovel and a probe with quick access. Never need, but you never know. Now these are items I have and know to work.



klim, backpack, shovel. snowI have this Klim Backpack and use it for everything. For trail, short mountain days, airports and traveling anywhere.

  • High Capacity Main Compartment
  • Top Loading, Fleece-Lined Goggle Pocket
  • Large Accessory Pocket
  • External shovel Blade Storage
  • Side Avalanche Probe Storage and Shovel Handle Storage


avi backpack, bca, avalanche

I have the BCA float 32, this one is smaller, its a float 8 which I think will be my next one. All I carry in an avi-pack is shovel and probe and maybe water. Now this one is linked with sale price with cylinder, (click photo for deal) or see ones below. Check to            see cylinder is needed.





Shovels and Saws:

snowmobile shovel, saw, comboNow here the shovel I carry, Klim shovel,saw combo. It’s aluminium, descent sized blade. Quick and easy to use. I like to carry an extra saw, as this one works good, but in some situation the tip gets cot and brakes. Believe you can just replace the saw. Off trail you or someone in the group will eventually need a saw, so carry more than one always a good idea. Now they make saws with plastic blade, which not as durable, but you are less likely to scratch different parts of snowmobile while digging.  Some rider carry a second set in tunnel bag.  A good folding saw and,or cable saw works great. Last one a little aggressive, but has a survival kit.



Avalanche Probe and Beacons:

snow probe, location toolmountain, safety, beacon Now hopefully you never need, but a must to have. A beacon sends out a signal and gets you close, and the probe, used delicately, will find the person and give you starting point to dig.  Most probes are around 8′ long and have a cable in it for quick connect. Beacon technology has been around for a long time. We rent every year, but in the long run if you buy one you safe, especially if you do multi trip or live in the mountains.

Tunnel bags and Handle bar bag:

Now I have something similar to this I use. I like to make sure it has enough storage for tools, extra gear and parts. I go for a medium size, quick release and can hold shovel externally. If you can get it mounted right should be able to carry extra fuel as well. Here a list of the basic and click if you want an example.

Tow Rope: For a tow rope I use the Snobunje Towing kit with bag. This allows you to tow a sled with out no one on it. You just connect it and ride away. Safe us many time and highly recommend it.

First Aid Kit: They don’t take up much room, and having a little bit of the basics won’t hurt. Recommend just a little bit of twine as well. You never know when it may come in handy.

Tools kit: Most sled come with a kit, but it seems you always need more. Its nice to have a nice kit, even if you add your own tool. A good case will help. It will keep them together and easier to find.  And don’t forget the best tools of all, Duct Tape, a true lifesaver, and some zip strips.

Gas Siphon: This is something that comes in handy and works great at the end of the season removing gas from sled. Now if you carry extra fuel cans, may use them first, but you might be the hero with this tool some day.



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