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Hi and my name is Tony, and I have been an avid snowmobile rider for over 30 year, in my house if you could start it you, you can ride it. That where I learn more than basic mechanical skill on anything that moves. I been a trail rider till I was introduced to mountain riding about 5 years ago. As fun as the trails were, the mountain where I belong. Trail for us was how fast can you go and how far. Mountain are how high, and picking awesome lines.


The best trip I every had was in Montana and it snowed about a foot every night. It made the riding perfect every day. I recently made the change to Boondocker turbo two stroke.


I start this site to get some info out the and hopefully to grow the website and have a place where you can get the basic and some product that make riding better. I set the site up this way so you can look up products as you read, but hope to keep this a blog like atmosphere, and have a different web page for items. Amazon has a lot of the products I use and is a good reference point for products.¬† I’m going try to update site weekly. Please share site and leave any messages for me below.

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If you like to see something add or any recommendation. Let me know Thanks


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